One of five posts…..

by Renae

Well, after wasting a good 20-30 minutes alternately cursing blogger and then uploading pictures over and over, I finally figured out how it’s working now. Now, I can upload 5 images, then upload 5 more…then nothing. Then I need to create a new post. And believe you me, it took a while to figure this out. So despite my grouch-i-ness after dealing with this lousy blogging service, I hope you enjoy the next 5 or so posts of postcards 🙂

And since I could upload five here this last time, I uploaded five, even though I only had three postcards. Just think of it as a little bonus 🙂

1. My kids during our recent visit to Cherokee, NC. Cherokee is just outside the southern/eastern entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We live about an hour-and-a-half drive away and love to get out there as often as we can. Cherokee is sad in a way, seeing Native Americans on display to capture our tourist dollars. But hey…they’re making money! 🙂 By the way, I bought lots of postcards to trade during this trip; check them out at my Yahoo album, here! If you see anything you’d like, e-mail to arrange a trade!

2. Art card from Estonia. This came from a private swap with Kadri. The colors are so lovely, the scene so peaceful…I would love this blown-up many times and hanging on my wall for everyday enjoyment 🙂

3. Polksi Folklor from a private trade. My grandparents are 100% Polish. My mom was born in Germany. So I love anything to do with my roots. I remember going to catholic school when I was a girl, a very POLISH catholic school! We marched in the Polaski Day parade wearing black velvet dresses decorated with multi-colored ribbons and beads and bows. I also remember that the horses in front of us always did their duty and stunk us out…and that one of my friends inadvertently slipped in the doo and had to leave the parade suddenly…. Ahhh…childhood memories! 🙂

4. Budapest, Hungary. This large, beautiful card is from Lili in Budapest. I would really love to travel through Europe (and other continents!) some day! 🙂

5. Entering Maggie Valley, NC from Cherokee. We vacationed twice in Maggie Valley before we moved here to North Carolina. Our cabins both times were located on the other side of those mountains you see.

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Marie Bland January 31, 2007 - 11:18 am

Hello kids, hello Renae !


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