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by Renae

I just spent all afternoon uploading and writing posts for the last five blogs you’ll see here…actually, the last six. And now I still have ONE MORE to do….because blogger gave me such fits in the beginning, I neglected to upload 10 cards. And this is worth it, because this grouping shows you some of my favorite cards, including the best-ever card in my collection!

So…here they are! 🙂

1. Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia. Awesome busy city street view!

2. Guanajuato, Mexico. My first card from Mexico, from a private trade. Awesome image!

3. Punchbowl Crater, the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific in Hawaii. Architecturally striking, emotionally moving. From an organized group swap.

4. It’s Geico! This is an ad card that came in my mail after I gave Geico my name at Bele Chere in Asheville over the summer 🙂 Even though I hate the lizard’s voice and accent, I like this card. Very cute 🙂

5. MY FAVORITE CARD OF ALL TIME. From McDonald’s in China! In honor of the Olympics, of course. 🙂 This was sent to me unexpectedly by Yan as a birthday present! Which makes it even nicer! I wish you could see the back of the card. I cannot read the Chinese text, but it has the Golden Arches and “I’m Loving It” both in English and in Chinese. And it says, “Issued by the State Postal Bureau.” This is the prized card of my collection now. Thanks to Yan for his generosity!

6. Call for Coherence, the EU Presidency Project. This card is from a private trade. From what the sender tells me, Finland is the EU’s president country right now. And they have all these initiatives going on, like this one. Part of the back reads, “Policy Coherence for Development is achieved when development objectives are integrated in all EU policies, so that the policies contribute to sustainable development and poverty eradication.” I think they need a marketing writer 🙂

7. Greetings from Kenya. I love this ad card, from a private swap. The back says, “Hello! I am Sharon. I live in Meibeki, Kenya. World Vision helps my village. we have enough water now and I go to school every day. I have a kummi in Finland. His name is Juha. But some of my friends don’t have a kummi. Can you help them?” Cute 🙂

8. Anhembi, Exhibition Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil. This awesome view is from a private swap with Karla. I am amazed at the size of that city; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city so large…and I’d never even heard of Sao Paulo before I started collecting and trading postcards!

9. Pan Dragon, Tychy, Poland. Take a gander at this most unusual building! I love it! 🙂 From a private trade.

10. Call for Coherence, EU Presidency Project. This is the second EU card I received in a private trade. The back says the same thing as on the back of the last one. If you can’t read the text on the front, it says: “There is no development without security. Arms trade to conflict areas in developing countries drains resources that should be used for development, education and health care. European Union is the world’s largest donor of development aid and at the same time the third largest exporter of arms.” (So…are you saying you’re doing exactly what you say you shouldn’t be doing? You guys need some marketing help! Please e-mail me; I will be glad to clear my schedule to help you!) 🙂

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you're adopted. December 8, 2006 - 4:38 pm

hey, Renae. This is You’re Adopted from Swapbot. Recently me & the girl I babysit for got a package from you & Annette — I saw your comment on the kid swap page about getting ripped out of the swap, and was wondering if you’d mind if Ella and I put together a package for Annette since she didn’t get anything and Ella loved her package from the two of you.

If that would be ok, you can message me your address (I’m afraid I’ve misplaced the box) at Hope to hear from you!

Anonymous January 27, 2007 - 5:41 pm

It’s maklella from flickr.
You’ve got very nice cards- I really like the one with Geico- it’s really sweet!.
May I know where you got your postcards like Kenya from?I collect cards sent from country they come from and I still miss Indonesia, Kenya etc…
Take care


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