Philly skyline along the Schuylkill

by Renae

The word Schuylkill has to be one of the strangest I’ve come across in years. Here’s what Bing Chat has to say about the name:

“The word “Schuylkill” is of Dutch origin. The river was initially called the Skokihl, which means Hidden Creek, by the first European to voyage up the Schuylkill, a man named Arendt Corssen of the Dutch East Indies Company1. The Unami tribe of the Lenni Lenapes was the first known group of humans to settle along the Schuylkill, a river they called Ganshowahanna, which means “falling waters” 1. The name Schuylkill was probably given in honor of the river’s clever disguise1.”

The back of the card says:

“The nightlights [Nightlights? It’s daytime in the photo] of Philadelphia’s modern skyline reflect in the waters of the Schuylkill River. The vibrant glow of the city mirrors its commitment to the preservation of its history and advancement of culture, commerce, and entertainment.”

Photographer: Richard Cummins

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