Le Truck, Tahiti

by Renae

Le Truck, Tahiti, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Le Truck, the only and most popular bus in Tahiti.” I’m sure it is the most popular bus if it is the only bus 🙂 Here’s some interesting bits from the Internets:

“In and around Tahiti, the famous “Le Truck” is at your service. Basically it’s a truck chassis with an open air sheltered cabin and wooden bench seats. There are literally hundreds of these vehicles serving Papeete- nearly all routes commence and stop near to the market in the downtown area. Since 1991, the service has become a little more organised and six termini have been created to increase “Le Truck’s” efficiency.

“The use of these vehicles is VERY EASY, and can often be one of the highlight’s of a stay in Papeete, we strongly recommend you ride “Le Truck” at least once. Another bonus about the use of this transport system is the cost – still around 150CFP (NZ$2.48).” (That’s $1.79 in U.S. dollars!)

Thanks to www.tahiti-tourisme.co.nz/articles.php?id=568 for the info!





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