Four of five posts (almost there….)

by Renae

1. Greetings from Philadelphia. I was born here. Lived in Philly till I was 12. Then we moved across the river to Cinnaminson, New Jersey, where I spent my most formative years 🙂 Thanks to my sister Astina for this card!

2. Hiroshima Package – The Envelope. This is the envelope I mentioned in the previous post; it contains four cards from Hiroshima that my sister brought back from Japan. It is published by the Hiroshima Convention and Visitors’ Bureau 🙂

3. Hiroshima Package – Card 3: Hiroshima Dreamination. My sister was fortunate enough to be present for this awesome, moving event during which paper lanterns (homemade, I believe) are set asail down the river in remberance of all those souls who died during the awful tragedy that was Hiroshima.

4. Hiroshima Package – Card 4: Dream Fireworks at Hiroshima Port. Another part of the anniversary celebration. (You will find cards 1 and 2 of this package in the former post…which I guess is BELOW this one on blogger. Another great blogger feature: if you want to follow my logic, you have to start at the bottom of the page and read UPwards.

5. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The Ben Franklin statute. Franklin established the university in 1750; here, he’s seen reading The Philadelphia Gazette, a magazine he began publishing in 1729, and which is still published by the university today! I was once here with my uncle–he was attending the university and took me, an impressionable, young high school student, to the library there with him for the day. I was duly impressed–and still love libraries to this day 🙂

6. Airports of Washington, DC. From a private trade; shows images from Dulles and Reagan National.

7. St. Petersburg, Florida. This is also my old homestead, where I lived for 20 years after we moved from Jersey/Philly. I drove by the dome many, many times…and went to the University of South Florida at St. Pete, which is located right on the water over by the small airport you see on the right in the background. The small planes used to zoom in right overtop of campus…I never really got used to it!

8. UCLA in LA. I got this from a private trade–it’s not exactly what I meant by a University card, but at least it isn’t a sports card. This is from the Conferences and Catering department–so it’s likely a free ad card. But still, the only one I have from UCLA.

9. Akha Hilltribes, Thailand. This is either from a private trade or a round robin…I can’t recall being this far removed from receiving it! But I love the image of the happy women in their native outfits….lovely!

10. Thailand. This is a nice multi-view; I especially like the map 🙂

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