Five of five posts! Finally!

by Renae

I just found out this is not actually the “finally” post I thought it was. I apparently have another 10 or so cards that didn’t get uploaded thanks to blogger’s fantastic service–thanks again for even more work, blogger!

For this load, however:

1. Lapp girl in traditional costume, from my postcard pal Johanna in Finland.

2. Tatooing in the village fair, India. This comes from my penpal Ram. Fascinating and exotic image!

3. Hebron, Israel: The Tombs of Isaac and Rebecca. This comes from my penpal Leeba, who actually lives in an Israeli settlement–one that’s often in the news due to the Arab-Israeli conflict! But that is another story…. For now, I have to think that these cannot possibly be the REAL tombs of the Israeli patriach and matriach…they must be for respect purposes or something! The tombs are HUGE!!!

4. “Experience Music Project” Seattle. This comes from my postcard pal Ruth. What an ugly, but interesting and photo-worthy building! 🙂

5. Le Grand Louvre, Paris. This comes from my pal Therese from Ireland! She’s studying in Paris for a year and tells me that this is her absolute favorite card of all 🙂 I can see why…this must be a “must-see” view if one should be lucky enough to visit Paris 🙂

6. Israel, multiview from Leeba.

7. Panorama of the Sword Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam. This awesome, exotic view came from a private trade.

8. Finnish funpark, Linnanmaki! Looks like fun, too 🙂

9. Itakeskus, Ostra centrum, Helsinki, Finland. This, from a private swap. I love the look of the mall….looks like a place where I’d enjoy shopping 🙂

10. Art card by patient in Finnish psychiatric hospital, in the mental health rehabilitation center. This comes from my penfriend Satu, who says it speaks of the power of coffee 🙂 I agree! And I really like this unique card; it will be appreciated much in my collection 🙂

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