Yo! Philly!

by Renae

On November 1st, 1966, a little girl named Renae was born in Fishtown, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She moved across the Betsy Ross Bridge to Cinnaminson, New Jersey, after fifth grade. She then moved away from the area at the age of 19 when her parents moved to Florida. Renae visited Philly just once in all that time when her best friend from high school got married. That was 35 years ago.

And the little girl, if you didn’t know, was — is — me!

My family and I visited Philly and neighboring Cinnaminson, NJ, from December 21st to the 28th, 2023, I was so happy to see old faces and places and to reacquaint myself with my old hometown. I really loved it, and I want to go back again soon. I’m committing to visiting at least three times a year so I can get to know my relatives.

Stay tuned for more postcards!

The back of this one reads:

“One Liberty Observation Deck is located in the heart of Philadelphia at the top of one of its most recognizable buildings in the city’s skyline, One Liberty Place. The observation deck offers a one-of-a-kind view of the city as well as a snapshot of Philly’s culture and history.”

(By the way, I didn’t even know this observation deck existed until I read the back of this postcard! I’ll be sure to visit it next time!)

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