Whoa — this new photo scanner is awesome!

by Renae

Since I’ve stuck out my postcard hobby for many years now, and since I’m so tired of the L-O-N-G, complicated process of putting each card into a flatbed scanner, scanning it, cropping it, and then navigating over and over again to the right folder to save it, I finally gave in and purchased this Epson Workforce Pro Scanner.

It’s awesome! I scanned 45 postcards in about five minutes–a HUGE improvement! Now, we can scan in those albums of old photos we’ve been holding onto, plus our own photos as well. And I can easily scan in all of my postcards — I usually just pick the best because it’s such a long, tiresome process!

If you’re looking for a good scanner, this one is so far proving to be an awesome investment. If you’re reading this many months after the fact and are curious about its performance since, send me a note. I’ll let you know how it’s measured and held up over time!

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