Travel blogs, journals, books…good stuff

by Renae

Let’s face it. Postcards are nice…penpals are nice. But they just don’t cut it for someone as addicted to the idea of global travel as me (only the idea of global travel because I haven’t travelled anywhere).

So I looked for…and am now addicted to…some heavier stuff.

Check them out!

1. Marie’s World Tour. Want to know what it’s like to travel the world alone, as a single woman? Even if I had twice the gumption, I don’t think I could do half the stuff Marie has done…even if someone was with me! Read through her travel journals for an amazing look at life as an intrepid, budget traveler set upon making it around the world without using airplanes. And when you’re done, buy her book: Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik about her adventurous travels from southern to northern Africa! (I read it in less than 24 hours; was that good!)

2. The Travellin Ts: Travel journal of a family on their trip around the world; I didn’t connect with them as much as I did with Marie, but I still enjoyed reading about their challenges and experiences!

3. Aaron in Africa: Excellent blog with lots of photos of a young man’s time in Africa with the Peace Corps. Love it!

Have more to share….but the kiddies just arrived home so it’s time to take care of some mommy business!

If you know of an excellent travel blog, journal or book, please let me know!

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