The Verizon Wireless Conspiracy

by Renae

If one person screws up, it’s a mistake. If two separate people, on two separate occasions, screw up, it’s a conspiracy. Right?

You tell me me: is it a lie, or is it a conspiracy, or is it just untrained people?

If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably already know that just days ago I purchased a new Blackberry Storm from Verizon. I had been wanting one for a very long time. And when I recently learned that I could upgrade to a Blackberry Storm with Verizon Internet and e-mail access for another $30 a month, I was sold. I had thought it would cost much more than that.

While I was purchasing online at the Verizon Web site, a Verizon representative connected with me via LiveChat. So I was able to ask questions as they arose–very cool. One of the questions that occured to me while purchasing: “I’ll be traveling to New Zealand next week. Will it cost me extra to call my family in the states from New Zealand if I have this phone?” The Verizon representative said, “No, it’s a global phone so there are no extra charges.”

I told my husband this; he scoffed. So I asked the Verizon rep again: “My husband is certain that per-minute charges will apply if I call my family from New Zealand or if they call me.” The Verizon LiveChat agent said he would check. Soon, he typed, “No, no extra charges for any calls made between Verizon phones.”

WOW! My youngest daughter, who has been very unhappy that I’m leaving, would be thrilled to know that now, with my new phone and Verizon wireless service, she could call me anytime and I could call her. I wouldn’t be locked in to having to connect over a landline. Plus–I’d have Web and e-mail access all the time! Sweet!

After I closed the deal, hubby was still concerned. So I asked him to call Verizon on the phone to triple check. He did. The Verizon representative he spoke with ALSO said the same thing — no charges for calls between our two Verizon phones, even if I’m in New Zealand. My husband was shocked, but we were very pleased. This really cemented my decision to get this phone at this time. I made the right choice, or so it seemed.

When the phone arrived, I was looking through Verizon’s “Global Support” paperwork, which tells you the steps you need to take before traveling and what to do when you’re overseas. One of the steps said to make sure we have an appropropriate Verizon “global calling plan.” It said, “Dial *611 to confirm your plan.” So, I figured, it’s a free call … let me just follow these steps to the “T.”

And guess what?!? This Verizon representative tells me, sorry, it will cost me $1.99 A MINUTE to make or receive calls while in New Zealand!

I replied, “I’ve been duped.” The Verizon rep had nothing to say.

Then I told my daughter the news, and the tears began to flow. She had been feeling a bit better about the trip knowing that she could call me whenever she wanted–as long as it wasn’t in the wee hours New Zealand time.

So now I wonder if I’ll even be able to access the Internet and my e-mail for free.

I won’t get any real answers until Monday. The last Verizon representative recommended I call the Verizon Global Sales team to see what they could do for me. Buyer beware: just because you hear the same “facts” from Verizon representatives THREE TIMES, it still may not be true.

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