The stuff MY travel dreams are made of

by Renae

Where shall I go today?

Wow — this article called Living in Paris – The Great Escape reads like the life of my dreams!

But wait — it’s not that I want to “escape” and leave my “hum-drum” life behind; that’s not what motivates me. By this stage in life, I’ve learned that the chickens are NOT always fatter, the bugs are NOT always fewer, and the heat is NOT always less blistering on the “other side.” Whatever problems I have now will surely follow me no matter where I live, as “where I live” is not really the issue; where I live and what I do are not what drive me to want to travel.

In fact, just today I read and shared on my Facebook wall a quote by Dale Carnegie that speaks to this very matter:

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing, that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”

What drives me to travel is the desire to EXPERIENCE and SEE the world! I want to learn about other cultures … experience life as others experience it … meet people who live differently than I do. I want to SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TOUCH, and TASTE the world!

My “hum-drum” life will come with me, I’m sure. I’ll still be working as a freelance writer and editor. I’ll still have my loved ones–my husband and kids–by my side. I’ll still be “me” inside, but I’ll be that person and do those things with the people I love, but somewhere else!

Oh, reader, let me tell you, when I read this article, I almost swooned, so strong is the desire to travel. I could absolutely imagine doing the things the author wrote about:

  • Visiting out-of-the-ordinary places
  • Savoring, sipping, shopping!
  • Strolling cobblestone streets
  • Retiring where life is affordable, the bread and wine cheap and plenty 🙂
  • Strolling farmer’s markets to hear the sounds of a tongue I barely know or am just learning
  • Buying health insurance for $1,500 a year?!? (That one is a bit hard to imagine!)
  • Darting to the beach one weekend, and across the Pyrenees (with a stop for skiing!) on the way to Spain the next

And it’s not just Paris I’m interested in. I’d like to experience life in many places, too many to name. I imagine doing home exchanges in the summers, when the kids are off from school, spending a month or two in another country while another family spends the time in our home here in the States.

Ah, yes….

This is the stuff that MY dreams are made of…. 🙂

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