Saudi Arabia…Taiwan…Doors!

by Renae

Out of the many postcards I received over the last week, I’d say about 1/3 of them could have been posted here to my blog–they were that good 🙂 But because time is a factor in how much I can scan and load, I’ve only upload the best of the best here.

1. The Market Square, Helsinki, Finland from my postcard pal Johanna. I love this card because it shows a real shot of a day-in-the-life in Helsinki at this particular location. I love the colors of the umbrellas; that most people are wearing jackets or long sleeves (save for one young guy in short sleeves!), which speaks of, probably to Fins!, very cold weather; the colorful flag and Finnish text on the stall on the right side. Thanks Johanna 🙂

2. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Views from Jeddah, from a private trade with Kim. Needless to say I love this card from such a far-away, exotic land. I love the city view…the art/fountains (aren’t they spectacular???)…the shopping center…the youth playing in a lot! A nice mix of day-in-the-life, art and regular postcard-type photos! Thanks Kim! 🙂

3. Montreal Stairways, from Christine. Another excellent atypical postcard showing me a real snippet of a real place in Montreal! Love the color! I can almost envision walking into one of these places as a guest visiting from the states 🙂 Thanks!

4. Night view of Taipei, Taiwan, from Yvan. I think just about anyone would love this card: exotic city, sparkly night-time view, HUGE unique building in the center…what an awesome, bustling place Taipei must be! Thanks Yvan!

5. Doors of Trondheim, from a private trade. Trondheim, a city in Norway, obviously has lots of beautiful doors 🙂 I love this card…colorful! And I can only imagine how colorful and different are the homes within each of these doors!

6. Daytona International Speedway, from 2004 Daytona 500. My son loves all things racing…I love the coloful cars 🙂 Need I say more? 🙂 From a private trade.

7. Continental Divide, from a private trade. I would love to drive down this road. Nuff said. 🙂

8. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, View of King Fahd Fountain and Jeddah City Center. Again, from my private trade with Kim. These images are awesome! Check out SIZE of that fountain (which looks like it’s spewing oil, by the way :))…and the architecture of that building. Wonderful images!

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