Official Postcrossing stamp from Germany

by Renae

I’m pretty sure it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve posted on this blog. But I never forgot it! I always knew that someday, I’d be back. I love travel and my postcard hobby and learning about the peoples, places, and cultures of the world too much NOT to return!

What a delight, then, to mark my return with this official Postcrossing stamp from Germany, courtesy of a very kind Postcrosser who sent me this treasure while asking for nothing in return. Amazing! (I did send a little something ☺️)

First off, is the envelope, handmade from paper that talks about the Postcrossing stamp! Unbelievable! I’m already gobsmacked.

Official Postcrossing stamp from Germany—on a handmade envelope about Postcrossing!

Then, inside the envelope, I am gobsmacked further.

The backside of the postcard, with a kind note from Albrecht and an unused Postcrossing stamp from Germany!

The sender, Albrecht, actually attached an unused Postcrossing stamp to the postcard inside the envelope! Isn’t that unbelievably generous?!

The front side of the postcard has to do with Albrecht’s love of calligraphy and stationery—loves I share, as well.

Front side of the postcard

Collecting and sharing postcards is a passion of mine. I’d love to parlay it into a business. Maybe I’ll start a stationery subscription box, as my favorite service, Spotlight Stationery in the UK, is closing.

Or maybe I’ll simply be a travel blogger. Making my way around the globe, helping others coming behind me to do so as well. Time will tell. And I look forward to that story!

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