Miao-style House in China

by Renae

Diaojiaolou in China

I received this interesting postcard as the result of a direct swap. It shows a Miao-style house, called Diaojiulou. On the back is says, “The Diaojiao House with Hills behind and River in Front.”

From the web: “The Miao-style Houses are of wood and high above ground. Each has several wood pillars as support. Therefore, it is called “Diaojiaolou” in Chinese. Homes are usually two to four storeys. Upper layer is used to store the provisions; people live in the middle; while fowls are sheltered under the house. An ethnic minority museum was built in this village where some ancient ethnic cultural relics are exhibited. Seen from a distance, the whole village looks like a mirage.” (Check it out at http://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/guizhou/kaili/langde.htm — some interesting photos and cultural info there!)

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