I Love Postcards!

by Renae

Yesterday was another HUGE mail day here! Not only did I receive the cards you’ll see below (which are just my favorite of the bunch!), but I also received a fantastic Paua shell keyring from Rachel in New Zealand, a Puerto Rico magnet from my sister (who went there on vacation a while ago and forgot to send it to me until now :)), and a magnet and little black purse from a swapper in Hungary! Thanks to everyone 🙂

1. Bryce Canyon National Park, from a private trade. I still cannot believe there are such awesome places on this earth. Amazing! I also received four other national park cards in this trade…and it’s these cards that have started me on the road to collecting national park cards 🙂

2. Amsterdam, from a private trade with Mikiko. Even though the image is a bit dark, I still love all the interesting detail: FujiFilm sign, Bazar2000, trolley 658, Presitge Gallery–oil paintings and bronzes. This really makes me feel like I’m “there,” and is exactly what I mean when I say I like cards showing “busy street scenes.” Thanks Mikiko! 🙂

3. Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From Susan through a postcrossings tag! Susan writes that there are hundreds of parks in the Vancouver area, but that this is one of the most famous and a common site for wedding photos. I see why 🙂 I am guessing that building in the background is “Bloedel Floral Conservatory,” as it is mentioned on the back of the card. Very nice! Thanks Susan!

4. Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands, also from trade with Mikiko. I love airport images for some reason. Must be the repeating images of planes? Either that, or it’s just my fascination with planes…that such beasts can fly at all! 🙂

5. This image is either from a book, or it is artwork, called “Wounded Angel” published in 1903 by Hugo Simberg. I received this lovely card as an official postcrossing card from Heini in Finland. She is a librarian, so we both share a love of books 🙂 The image here is stirring to me…a wounded child…a wounded angel. Same difference? 🙂

6. The Dolomiti: Misurina Lake and the Sorapis Group, from a private trade with Barbara in Italy. I love how the mountains absolutely dwarf the buildings in this image! Living in the mountains of North Carolina, I see mountains all the time. But I’ve never traveled west…nor anywhere else…so I’ve never seen mountains like these! Thanks Barbara!

7. Bradenton Beach, Florida, from a trade with my sister Jessica 🙂 Thanks Jess! I lived in various places on the west coast of Florida, from Tampa to Fort Myers, for 20 years! That bridge in the foreground leads to my parents’ home…they’re less than a 10 minute drive to that spot on the island.

8. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, from my sister again 🙂 I traveled this many times…the bridge replaces the two spanner, one of which crumbled when a barge hit it many moons ago! You can still see the remnants of one of the spans in the background. This bridge connects St. Petersburg to Bradenton.

9. Holland, from private trade with Mikiko. I love windmills…and I love colors…so this is a great card for me 🙂

10. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. This card is from a private trade; only LDS members can enter the temple…the rest of us have to admire it from the outside 🙂 Very lovely!

11. Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand, from a private swap with Pip 🙂 It’s a perfect addition to my uni collection! Love it! Thanks, Pip!

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