Hidden in the Shadows, Linda Richter

by Renae

I really like this Bonaire art card (thanks, Jess!), so I decided to look up artist Linda Richter online. Her work is really fabulous; check out her site and see for yourself! www.lindarichter.com/

I also like the thought of moving to a far-removed island destination one day, when the cold is too harsh for my bones. Perhaps to Papamoa, New Zealand? As long as I had Internet connectivity, I could continue to work. I imagine the silence, but for the non-human sounds … of the waves sloshing on the shore … the endless breezes creeping through tree leaves … the chattering birds … the hum of the insects (outside, I hope)…. Ahhh. Maybe it’s time for a parents-only vacation! 🙂 Oh yes, and back to the card: “A baby iguana barely five inches long holds statue still beneath the shade of a spiny tree. The bright neon green is a surprisingly good color to camouflage this little creature from its predators. As the iguana grows, the bright green will fade to be replaced with bars of deep green and gray.”








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