Haiku. Can you?

by Renae

I’ve never been much into poetry–at least not until now.

After being challenged to write a haiku poem about the best novel I read over the summer, I can’t seem to stop thinking in a 3-5-3 and 5-7-5 manner.

For the novel, which was Still Alice, a tale of a woman suffering early onset Alzheimer’s, I wrote:

Leafless tree
Alive but barren
Is still Alice

But that was pretty much my first attempt. Since then, I’ve considered that Alice, the character in the novel, was not a leafless tree. She was losing leaves–losing them fast. But by the end of the story, she still had a few leaves remaining. So I wish I’d have taken time to ponder before I submitted. Lesson learned.

(Photo through Creative Commons by DaDaAce on Flickr)

Then, I thought of how I feel about my own life right about now:

Though northern winds blow
Though old man winter creaks near
I seek metamorphosis

Do you have a favorite haiku poem to share? I’m really interested in exploring the subject further. And I have more poems seemingly blossoming within me! I better get them down while the muse is here!

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Maria October 1, 2009 - 1:16 am

I love these! I want to write some!

Marco T Mckenna October 1, 2009 - 10:14 am

Hi. I am a new blogger (bit slow i know), and I live near Chester, England. I was just looking on google images for a twister to add to an article i've written and landed at your blog.

The sister twisters dancing together. Did you take that picture? Man that's good!

I haven't used your picture, but i'm glad I landed here.

Oh, And I love poetry too! Take care.


naomi October 10, 2009 - 5:51 am

Konnichiwa! Thank you for visiting my blog and Etsy !
I love your blog and Haiku ! Very interested in.
I would like to try writing Haiku but it is difficult in English. haha ^^;
Please keep writing your blog and enjoy !


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