Got my daily fix yesterday…

by Renae

1. A Scene of Sannen-zaka Slope in the Rain, Kyoto; from my sister who is currently in Japan.

2. The Peachoid at Gaffney, South Carolina. This is one strange site to see driving down I85 in South Carolina! So I was very pleased to be able to obtain it in a private trade 🙂

3. The McCarran Airport, Las Vegas Nevada. This has got to be one of the best cards ever! Look at the layers…mountains, then black buildings, then sphynix and luxor monument, then trees…then airplanes! I love this card…from a private swap!

4. Corkscrew Canyon. Not sure where this is (Utah? Nevada?), but I would love to see it in person. The photo is extremely impressive! Also from private swap!

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