Gorgeous greetings from Germany

by Renae

When it arrived, this very thick and colorful, cheerful card brightened my day — and it has brought smiles to my face many times since!

It is an official postcrossing card from Germany. The sender writes on the back: “First I bought a postcard with my hometown Frankfurt on it, but as you have children, I thought they might like a more colorful postcard.”

She was right! They DID like it–as did I! It is among my absolute favorites 🙂 I liked it so much that I looked up the artist online to see what I could find. The name is Turnowsky–and he (?) seems to be somewhat of a mystery. I am not sure if this is children’s art published by Turnowsky, or if it is actually art by Turnowsky. I did find the website turnowsky.com, but it does not seem updated and provides little information. The most I could find is that Turnowsky is in Israel, and this, on a Turnowsky vendor’s site: “Publishers of exclusive fine paper products, widely acclaimed for the originality and refinement of their designs, and unique printing techniques. The large ranges, all created at Turnowsky’s own studio, include a great variety of art cards in different sizes and styles, gift wrap, gift bags, notebooks and bookmarks. Turnowsky’s lines are seasonal and inspired by prevalent trends and colours. The rich collections are exported to more than 20 countries.”

I know this: I will be looking for more Turnowsky! 🙂 Thank you again, kind sender!

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