Fun family project: homemade art cards

by Renae

Thanks to a free, hour-long afternoon program at the Hendersonville County Public Library, my daughter learned how to make “art cards.” She was so enamored with the process and her creations that she decided to hold a “class” in our home–complete with “sign up sheet”–to get the rest of us involved in something she loves.

Dad signed up first, then me, then my oldest son. My middle son, who’s not the artsy type, didn’t sign up. But she was okay with that 🙂

Here are the results of this very fun, very quality family-time, easy art project. First up are images of some of the cards my daughter made at the library.

Next up, images of the cards we made this afternoon!

My daughter’s cards first:

Now, oldest son’s. (Click for a closer look to appreciate the details!)

Even dad joined in on the fun (again, click to appreciate the details!)

And, finally, mine:

These cards are really easy to make.


Construction paper
Stick glue
Old cards of various sizes

We used addition/subtraction flash cards, regular playing cards and trivia cards we’ve outgrown as the bases for our cards. First, we glued a card to the corner of a piece of construction paper and cut the construction paper to the size of the card. Then we did the same thing on the other side, using a different color paper. Some of the cards are two-sided, although you can’t see that here.Next, add stickers as you like to the construction paper. And you’re done!

We also made some cards that have construction paper on one side and a magazine image on the other. Simply tear out the page with the image you want to use … apply glue to the card … then hold the paper and card up in the light so you know where you want to stick it. After you get it on there, you can bring it down to the table and “press.” Then, simply add stickers to suit.

As I said, some of the cards we made are double-sided; I did not indicate that in the photos but I don’t think it matters. What matters is that we learned new things while looking through magazines for photos, had fun dancing with our creative sides, and spent good time together as a family!

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