Calligraphy and a great quote

by Renae

Calligraphy and a great quote, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I’ve seen this several times at the Folk Art Center but have never wanted to dish out the $$ for the postcard. This time, I did 🙂 It’s very hard to read, but says:

Take time to

Work … it is the price of success
Play … it is the secret of perpetual youth
Think … it is the source of power
Read … it is the fountain of wisdom
Pray … it is conversation with God
Laugh … it is the music of the soul
Listen … it is the pathway to understanding
Dream … it is hitching your wagon to a star
Worship … it is the highway of reverence
Love and be loved … it is the gift of God

Calligraphy by Michael W. Hughey, Arden, North Carolina

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