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Blond-Amsterdam, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Wow! Love this official postcrossing card! The sender writes, “On the front you’ll see a painting from Blond Amsterdam — they make cute and lovely works. On the background you’ll see typical Dutch plates.”

The card certainly is lovely! And I’m glad the sender told me who made the painting, because there is no indication on the card otherwise! So of course I had to look up Blond Amsterdam to see what it was all about: is it a person, a place, a thing, or what? Turns out that “Blond Amsterdam was created in 2001 by Janneke and Femque, a blond duo who set to work designing earthenware. Now Blond Amsterdam’s collection consists of dishes, bed linens, clothing, stationary, bathroom accessories, and greeting cards. Blond is sold in many department stores here in the Netherlands, including V&D and De Bijenkorf. However, it is also sold in many small boutique gift shops throughout the rest of the country, and at the flagship store on Gerard Doustraat in De Pijp!” (Thanks to Heather from the Life Abroad blog: for this information!)

I also found the cute Blond Amsterdam site, which deserves a little more looking thru:

Another great postcrossing find!





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